Bevel Up is not new, but it could not be more current. Welcome to its second life.

Free Digital Curriculum for Harm Reduction Awareness

Get the newly created “Lunch Box Lessons” by former street nurses for the documentary and teaching tool, Bevel Up. Watch a webinar discussion hosted by Cool.World about why it’s so important.

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Bevel Up Digital Curriculum

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This comprehensive set of 18 lessons supports educators to prepare the next generation of students to be compassionate, practical and non-judgmental. Watch the 45-minute documentary and additional bonus videos while delving into topics to effectively deliver care to people who use substances.

Lessons include:

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  • Harm Reduction
  • Health Promotion
  • Nursing Professional & Practice Standards
  • Street Nursing (Outreach)
  • “No Time”
  • Drug Use and the Brain
  • From Prohibition to Safe Supply
  • Stigma, Discrimination & Racism
  • Street Youth Who Experience Substance Use Issues
  • Pregnancy, Substance Use and Sex Work
  • Substance Use and Sex Work
  • Living with Mental Health & Substance Use Issues
  • A Healing Centred Approach
  • Novice to Expert: Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Safety, Competence and Humility
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • The Drug Poisoning and Overdose Epidemic
  • Working Alongside Peers


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